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KAAD Scholarship 2024 is currently offered. In 2024, postgraduate degree candidates will be eligible to apply for KAAD scholarships 2024. The deadline for submitting an application is in the month of June, and applications are currently being accepted.

The German Catholic Church’s scholarship program for Ph.D. candidates and scientists from poor nations, including those in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, is called the Catholic Academic Exchange Service (KAAD).

All applicants for postgraduate degree programs receive financial aid from the KAAD Scholarship 2024. The institute offers spiritual and theological assistance to students in education. You must complete the application for KAAD scholarships 2024 if you are a postgraduate student and wish to apply to a foreign university for research. We will provide you with comprehensive information regarding university scholarships, eligibility requirements, and much more in this article. To apply, read the article now.

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Eligibility Criteria for KAAD Scholarship 2024:

The following requirements must be met by students in order to be eligible for the KAAD Scholarships 2024:

  1. All current international students who are studying there from Latin America, Africa, Asia, or the
  2. Middle East are eligible to apply for a scholarship.
  3. To qualify, students must be enrolled in postgraduate programs.
  4. Students must be Catholic to be eligible to apply.
  5. Students are proficient in German.
  6. possess expertise in fieldwork

Types of KAAD Scholarships 2024:

For all international students, KAAD provides three different sorts of scholarships. These are listed below:

 Type 1

Postgraduate students may apply for KAAD scholarship category 1. Postgraduate candidates with relevant experience are eligible. The higher education committee will review the supporting documentation before approving the students for the award.

Type 2

Students who have already enrolled in a German institution and require financial support for their thesis and research work are eligible to apply for the type 2 KAAD scholarships.

Eastern-Europe Scholarships  2024

Students who enroll in international universities for short courses, such as those they join for their research work and travel to Germany for one or two semesters, are eligible for the KAAD eastern-European scholarship program.

KAAD Scholarship 2024 benefits:

Students who sign up for the KAAD scholarship program will be financially covered in the following ways:

  1. 50% of the tuition charge is waived by the university.
  2. When staying in the nation, the student will get a living stipend.
  3. The student will receive medical compensation.
  4. Travel reimbursement
  5. A student cannot get the medical insurance allowance if they apply for the medical program.
  6. Programs for internships
  7. Thesis funding
  8. allowance for labs

Documents required for KAAD Scholarship 2024:

  1. complete set of academic records, including diplomas
  2. Resume for scholarship applications
  3. copies of current passports
  4. CV and cover letter for scholarships
  5. The study strategy to make sure you attend class on time and regularly
  6. Character Reference Letters
  7. A well-written Letter of Motivation and Statement of Purpose (SOP) that describes your goals after
  8. receiving the scholarship is required.
  9. Statement of Intent

Deadline for KAAD Scholarships: June 30, 2024

The deadline for students who want to apply for KAAD scholarships is June 30, 2024; if they submit their applications after that date, they will be disqualified.

How To Apply for KAAD Scholarship 2023:

The steps below must be followed by students who want to apply for the KAAD scholarship:

  1. Use the link below to access the official website.
  2. Examine all of the scholarships offered to international students.
  3. A scholarship for your degree program can be found.
  4. Register an account on the website by logging in.
  5. Now complete the application and provide all of your personal information.
  6. Include any necessary application-related documentation in the attachments.
  7. Submit the application, then await acceptance.

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