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The institution publishes the Montreal University Scholarships 2024 in Canada. Almost many overseas students wait for the announcement of the scholarships before applying for admission to the greatest institutions in the world around this time of year when most universities announce their admission for graduate and undergraduate programs. The Montreal University Scholarships 2024 releases information about its undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate scholarship programs. The scholarship entitles you to the entire tuition cost and exempts you from paying it. If you are qualified to apply, seize the chance and complete the scholarship application.

Canada is a country of opportunity, thus they want to bring together all of the local and foreign students on one platform so they may benefit from the advantages of various cultures nearby. For the entire year, from winter to summer 2023 and fall 2023 to winter 2024, students may apply for the Montreal University Scholarships 2024. The ideal opportunity for students who desire to study abroad, particularly in Canada, is now available to them. Any talented student who works hard can apply for admission to the institution.

All international students are eligible to apply to any of the university’s academic programs. There are more than 600 educational programs offered by the university. Thousands of students apply each year to attend the institution and get a degree in higher learning. All students who enroll at the university with the intention of pursuing a higher education are expected to receive a quality education from the institution. You must review the university’s qualifying requirements before submitting an application for admission.

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Eligibility Criteria for Montreal University Scholarships 2024

The following fundamental requirements have been stated by Montreal University for applicants who wish to apply for a scholarship there:

  1. Each and every international student may submit an application for a Montreal University Scholarship 2024.
  2. All applicants must be in possession of valid visas and study permits.
  3. The award is not open to students who are Canadian citizens or who reside in Canada.
  4. To be eligible for the scholarship provided to Montreal University students, the applicants must enroll as full-time students.

Montreal University Scholarships 2024 Benefits in Canada

Different privileges are offered by Montreal University to those who apply for Montreal University Scholarships 2024. To be eligible, applicants must be from outside of the United States. Following are a few advantages for graduate, master’s, and doctoral students:


  1. Level A: $12,951.76 annually, $6,475.88 for each session, or $431.73 for each credit.
  2. Level B: $205.75 for each credit, or $6,172.60 annually, or $3,086.30 per session.
  3. Level C: $2,159.15 for the year, $1,079.57 for each session, or $71.97 for each credit.


  • $10,046.35 per year, $3,348.78 every session, or $223.25 per credit for non-research.
    $10,169.68 per year, $3,389.89 every session, or $225.99 per credit is the cost of research.


  • $7,197.78 every session, $479.85 for each credit, or $21,593.35 annually.

Documents Required for Montreal University Scholarships 2024

Within ten days of applying, all overseas candidates who wish to be considered for the Montreal University Scholarships 2024 must submit all required documentation. The authority will reject the application for the scholarship if any required documents are missing since an incomplete application is not acceptable.

  1. Passport National Identity Card
  2. official transcripts of grades
  3. updated letters of recommendation and a resume
  4. Motivation Letter Language Proficiency in English

Application Deadline for Montreal University Scholarships 2024:

The deadline for applicants to submit their applications for the Montreal University scholarships for the academic years 2023–24 in Canada is September 1, 2023.

How to Apply for the University of Montreal Scholarship 2024?

The following requirements must be met by applicants who wish to be considered for the Montreal University Scholarship 2024.

  1. The applicants must use the website to submit their applications.
  2. Visit the website “Compass” to receive assistance it in properly completing your application if you want to do it perfectly.
  3. Once you have completed the application, the student center will provide you with the student
  4. access code; however, you must wait for it.
  5. You can obtain information about your entrance and acceptance letters from the student center.
  6. You are instantly qualified for the scholarship that is offered to the students of the various degree programs once your admission application is accepted.

Montreal University Scholarships 2024


The Montreal University Scholarships 2024 is the ideal opportunity for students, so don’t miss out and apply right away if you want to be considered for master’s and doctoral scholarships in Canada. You can read all the details regarding the university scholarship in this post and apply right away. Good luck to all the students that submit a scholarship application!


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